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Welcome to Urban Builders & Remodeling, where innovation meets transformation. We are excited to introduce our Concrete Staining Services, designed to breathe new life into your concrete surfaces. Join us on a journey of color, creativity, and durability.

What is Concrete Staining?

Concrete staining is not just a service; it’s an art form. It involves enhancing plain concrete surfaces with a burst of color and character. The process penetrates the concrete, creating a permanent, vibrant, and visually appealing finish. From subtle earth tones to bold and expressive hues, the possibilities are endless.

Why Choose Concrete Staining?

Concrete staining stands out as a cost-effective, durable, and aesthetically pleasing solution for your flooring needs.

Enhances Appearance

Concrete staining transforms mundane surfaces into captivating focal points. Say goodbye to plain concrete and hello to a personalized, stylish aesthetic that reflects your taste.

Variety of Options

Choose from a wide range of colors and design options to customize your space. Whether you prefer a rustic, weathered look or a sleek, modern finish, our concrete staining services can bring vision to life.


Unlike traditional floor coverings, stained concrete is resistant to peeling, chipping, and fading. It withstands heavy traffic and is easy to maintain, ensuring longevity and cost-effectiveness.

Our Concrete Staining Services

At Urban Builders & Remodeling, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of concrete staining services. Each service is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients, whether it’s a residential project or a commercial space. Our skilled team combines creativity, expertise, and high-quality materials to bring your vision to life.

Interior Concrete Staining:

Transform the interior of your home or commercial space with our interior concrete staining services. Choose from a wide array of colors and design options to complement your existing décor or create a bold statement. Whether it’s a living room, kitchen, or showroom, our interior staining enhances the overall ambiance and adds a touch of sophistication.

Exterior Concrete Staining:

Make a lasting impression with our exterior concrete staining services. Elevate the curb appeal of your property, whether it’s a driveway, patio, or walkway. Our exterior staining not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides a durable and weather-resistant finish that stands up to the elements.

Commercial Concrete Staining:

For businesses looking to make a statement with their flooring, our commercial concrete staining services are the perfect solution. We understand the unique requirements of commercial spaces and offer customizable staining options to create an inviting and professional atmosphere. From retail stores to offices, our services cater to a diverse range of commercial environments.

Custom Design Staining:

Express your individuality with our custom design staining services. Work closely with our design experts to create a one-of-a-kind stained concrete masterpiece. Whether you have a specific pattern in mind or want a unique blend of colors, our custom design staining allows you to personalize your space like never before.

Patterned Concrete Staining:

Add texture and depth to your surfaces with our patterned concrete staining services. Choose from a variety of patterns such as tile, brick, or even intricate geometric designs. This option is ideal for those who want to mimic the look of more expensive materials while enjoying the benefits of stained concrete.

Advantages of Hiring a Concrete Staining Contractor

Choosing Urban Builders & Remodeling for your concrete staining needs comes with unique advantages.

Professional Expertise

Our experienced team brings a blend of creativity and technical expertise to every project. We carefully assess your space, recommend the best staining solutions, and execute the process with precision.

High-Quality Products

We prioritize the use of top-tier staining products to ensure vibrant, long-lasting results. Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our service.

Compliance and Timeliness

Rest assured, our team adheres to industry standards and regulations. We value your time, and our efficient project management ensures timely completion without compromising on quality.

Our Process

Embark on a journey of transformation with Urban Builders & Remodeling. Our concrete staining process is a seamless blend of creativity and precision.

Consultation: We begin with a thorough consultation to understand your vision, preferences, and project requirements.

Design: Our experts collaborate with you to create a customized design plan that aligns with your aesthetic goals.
Staining Application: Using advanced techniques, we apply the selected stain to your concrete surface, creating a stunning and durable finish.

Finishing Touches: We pay attention to the details, ensuring a flawless finish that enhances the overall appeal of your space.

Final Inspection: Before completion, we conduct a comprehensive final inspection to ensure the quality and longevity of the stained surface.

Client Testimonials

See what clients from different regions have to say about our Concrete Staining Services:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long does the concrete staining process take?

A: The timeline varies based on the size and complexity of the project, but on average, it takes about three to five days from start to finish.

Q2: Can concrete staining be applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces?

A: Absolutely! Our concrete staining services are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, offering versatility in design.

Q3: Are there limitations on the color choices for concrete staining?

A: Not at all. We offer a wide spectrum of colors, allowing you to choose the perfect shade that complements your style and space.

Q4: How do I maintain stained concrete floors?

A: Stained concrete is easy to maintain. Regular cleaning and occasional resealing will keep your floors looking vibrant and fresh.

Q5: Can existing concrete surfaces be stained, or is it only for new installations?

A: Stained concrete can be applied to both new and existing surfaces, providing a cost-effective solution for reviving worn-out or plain concrete.

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